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Today, a number of homeowners in and around Munroe are opting for remodels to add spaciousness, brightness, aesthetics and functionality to their homes. Regardless of what the reasons for the remodels are, it’s important to have a professional handle the designing job for you. Home Plan Pros is one of the most sought-after custom home designers in the region. We work very diligently to understand the needs of our clients and ensure that they get the kind of solutions they need.

Reasons for Remodels

Home Designs People opt for remodels for a number of reasons:

  • If you are comfortable living in a particular neighborhood and your children have friends there, or there are good schools nearby and you have friendly neighbors, you may not want to change all that by moving into another home. But it’s always possible to get the change you need, by opting for remodeling.
  • In most instances our clients decide to remodel their homes when their families grow and they find that the existing space does not match their needs.
  • At times an elderly relative may be coming to live in the home and they find the need to make extra space.
  • In some cases, remodeling becomes a necessary job to maintain the integrity of the structure such as in roofing, insulation, siding and storm windows and door installations.
  • You can update the look of your home with a range of new amenities even as you maintain the charm of the original structure.
  • The spaces can be creatively designed to be in sync with your lifestyle.
  • Well-planned remodels increase the value of your property.

Our Approach

Home Designs When you come to us with your request, we first understand what your vision is and follow a very methodical approach:

  • The first discussion becomes the most important part of the project as the entire design concept will be based on it.
  • If you need inputs from us, we will provide those too.
  • Once we have understood exactly what your requirements are, we go about working in a very methodical manner, on the actual design and planning.
  • All the designs will be rendered in 3D Modeling.
  • If you need any changes, those will be incorporated in the design.
  • Once you have approved the design, you will be provided with the final draft.
  • In addition we also help with product selections.
  • Focus on helping you build your home in a cost-effective manner.

When Expertise Matters

Apart from helping with the design and planning of major remodels, we also help with any smaller projects you may want to undertake to upgrade features in your home such as window replacements, roof windows, skylights, kitchen remodeling, altering living room spaces or any other simple and basic upgrades. If you are looking for a custom designer who can help you with remodels for your home in or around Munroe, West Munroe, Bastrop and the surrounding areas, Home Plan Pros is the company to come to. You can call us on 318-570-2938 or contact us via this online form.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in LA:
  • Monroe, LA
  • West Monroe, LA
  • Bastrop, LA
  • Farmerville, LA
  • Rayville, LA
  • Shreveport, LA
  • Delhi, LA
  • Ruston, LA
  • Winnsboro, LA
  • Jonesboro, LA
  • Tallulah, LA
  • Louisiana, LA